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new group on First Level Support

Posts 17 | Created 12/1/2009 12:59 PM by johngarmon |  

Somebody please sign up for the new First Level Support group. Doesn't it seem that a distinct group is more appropriate than putting
FLS stuff under the HEAT Admin group?


Posted 12/1/2009 12:59 PM | 1

Joh, shouldn't we discourage using FLS since it is unchanged in many years and there is not a simple or effective migration path?

Posted 12/1/2009 3:00 PM | 1

Well, it's all I have for now and I think I heard rumors of updating from FRS. Surely I'm not the only one who HAS to use it?!

Posted 12/1/2009 5:13 PM | 1

I thought the rumor was an update to HPK by the end of the year. The year being 2009.

Posted 12/1/2009 5:51 PM |  

HPK 9.5 is due out March 2010 (Stay tuned for a HEAT 9.5 Preview Webinar on January 21). We currently have no enhancements scheduled for FLS.

-Jason Holmberg
HEAT Product Manager

Posted 12/1/2009 6:28 PM | 1

Thanks Jason... and everyone else.

I still need to use FLS. HEAT includes it. Surely someone besides me is using it. Do you think it is a waste of time to try to have a group on the subject? I guess I could keep posting in the general administrators' group(s). I must say that the negativity has been discouraging.


Posted 12/2/2009 10:32 AM |  

...and Jason,

Since I don't know where to put feature requests, would you put something in 'the hopper' for importing (common format) files into FLS. This has been a recurring theme for years. At one time there was even someone offering a Crystal Report that purportedly could be used somehow for importing data into FLS.


Posted 12/2/2009 10:35 AM | 1

John, sorry that I didn't see this sooner. We tried using FLS but it's simply not really usable in its current state. Looks as if it was written to meet min. requirement for an RFP quote many moons ago. We need it to work and work properly from HSS and it simply doesn't cut it. See that there *will* be an update to HEAT Plus Knowledge V9.5... another product with another license fee and annual maintenance fees. Alas... what's a public school system to do? JimM

[Updated on 12/3/2009 4:03 PM]

Posted 12/2/2009 4:10 PM |  

If it's any consolation, we invested in HPK (and have renewed maintenance every year), but never got around to implementing the K part...nor have we tried to do anything with FLS. I guess our organization is small enough that we've been able to get along without either one up to this point....

Posted 12/2/2009 4:14 PM |  

WHAT An amazing thread.

@mendozajim I installed many a public school and you have some good points.

@prfaulk YOU are like hundreds of others I have worked with. They buy HPK, some even install and start to use it. Then it dies on the vine. What amazes me is that people renew maintenance on stuff like that.

For the Record FLS (Fleas is what we used to call it) does a straight forward job, the HSS integration could be better.

HPK is amazing and from what I hear will be more amazing w/ 9.5.

I was one of the original Knowlix gear heads over at the deathstar and welcomed HPK.

KB is just not something people really do. It is a nice to know you have, but without policy and more IMPORTANT MARKETING it just sits.

From the eyes of a weary FRS VET.


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Posted 12/2/2009 4:50 PM | 1

We went from Knowlix to HPK and use it everyday. We're only scratching the surface on features right now but its very popular within our group.

Posted 12/2/2009 4:58 PM | 1


Posted 2/10/2010 10:49 AM |  

You'll probably get an answer quicker by e-mailing your FR rep in regard to purchase price.

John, have you looked into any of the Wiki options? This is a recent one I found that I'd look into furher if we weren't using HPK: http://www.tiddlywiki.com/

Posted 2/10/2010 12:11 PM | 1

OK Jason - what about that HPK preview. I never saw a notice on it posted. Did it take place or get posponed?

Posted 2/11/2010 9:46 AM |  

HPK Preview will be sometime in April. HPK 9.5 release will approximately 60 days after HEAT / HEAT Self Service release.

Posted 2/11/2010 11:37 AM |  

Was there a webinar for HPK 9.5? Why 60 days after the release of Heat 9.5, i assume the current HPK that we have working on 9.0.2 will work with Heat 9.5?

Posted 2/11/2010 11:50 AM |  

There is a webinar on HEAT / HEAT Self Service 9.5 Tuesday next week. HPK 9.5 webinar will be scheduled closer to the HPK release date.

Reason for HPK delay - not ready for prime time yet. Yes, current HPK will work with 9.5 Call Logging.

Posted 2/11/2010 2:49 PM |  
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NOTICE - Two New Communities Open Soon!
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