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Discovery and Ghost

Posts 2 | Created 7/7/2010 12:34 PM by JeffSym |  

First off I am a newbie with Discovery.

How does Ghost interact with Discovery as far as audits?
Must we back up files from the PC prior to re-imaging our PCs?
Or will Discovery recognize this system as the same system after the re-image?
We just do not want to have multiple entries for the same PC.

If we ghostwalk does that affect this process as well?


Posted 7/7/2010 12:34 PM |  

Hi Jeff,

Here is the process as described on the centennial-software knowledge base:

HOWTO: Deploy a Discovery Client Agent as part of an image.

Deployment of the Client Agent as part of an image can lead to problems with Client records overwriting each other in the Control Center. This was especially a problem prior to Discovery 2005 SP1 and the introduction of the Universal Client Agent because the Client ID was only generated when the client was deployed and was stored in the MSCIOTL.SYS files. When a Client had been deployed as an image, started up, it would find these files and use the Client ID stored in them, resulting in all Clients deployed as an image having the same ID as the Client Agent that the image was taken from.


With the Universal Client, disk image deployment is much less of an issue for the Client Agent as it re-creates the Client ID each time it starts up based on UUID, or hardware serial numbers, rather than relying on the old MSCIOTL.SYS files.
As a precaution, to ensure that there are no chances of any problems with duplicate IDs or any confusion with log files from the master Client, prior to creating the image, take the following actions on the master Client (i.e. the Client that the image is created from):

1) Stop the Client Agent and Transfer Agent services. Leave them set to start automatically.

2) Delete the following files:

a. C:\CENTENN.IAL\AUDIT\local.xml

b. C:\CENTENN.IAL\AUDIT\local.dat

c. C:\CENTENN.IAL\AUDIT\lanprobe.xml




g. C:\Discovery\User Input\*.log

3) Ensure that both C:\CENTENN.IAL and C:\Discovery are included in the image.

Posted 7/9/2010 4:44 AM |  
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